VIDEO: Woman Defends Partner With WWE-Style Move After Inappropriate Grabbing

Published 08/10/2023, 6:21 PM EDT

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Picture this: you are standing in a bustling grocery store, picking out groceries with your husband. And suddenly another woman comes and starts grabbing your husband’s private parts. What will you do? In a video that’s taken the internet by storm, a woman went through a similar experience and launched a WWE-style move, leaving everyone astounded.

Inappropriate grabbing and an astonishing repercussion

In the viral video, we see a couple standing at the side of a grocery store, probably waiting in the queue for their turn on the billing counter. Suddenly, an unexpected incident grabs the attention of everyone present. A young woman boldly crosses a line, grabbing a man in a highly inappropriate manner. The man’s response might puzzle many – he remains passive. However, what truly steals the spotlight is his partner’s reaction.


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Amid gasps and widened eyes, the woman – possibly his partner, wife, or girlfriend – refuses to let the audacious act slide. Her response is swift and resolute. Without hesitation, she steps up to remove the offender’s hand from her partner’s personal space. She then asserts her stance with an authoritative slap that resonates like a WWE move.

The drama doesn’t end with a single slap. The woman’s fury seems to overflow, leading her to deliver a resounding slap to her partner as well. She does this probably because the man didn’t retaliate himself. Confusion and astonishment ripple through the store as people grapple to understand the dynamics at play.

As the other girl recovers from the hefty slap and tries to stand up, the woman slaps her once again and this time it’s harder than the last one. The video ends there. But we wonder what would be the condition of that girl after that blow.

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Social media users react with hilarious and thought-provoking comments

The video, like any viral content, fuels a wide array of comments.

Some users suggested there might be more to the story than meets the eye. This is because of the man’s cold reaction to the incident.

Many users questioned the woman on why she hit her partner.

One user even demanded justice for the man as he was the victim and still got slapped.

Another user hilariously tweeted about the man’s glance toward his woman.

Besides this, many users commended the women’s strength.


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In a world where actions often unfold as per expectations, this video definitely makes us burst into laughter and shock at the same time.


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Now, as you’ve witnessed this unprecedented scene through the lens of social media, what’s your take? How would you react if faced with such a dramatic scenario? Join the conversation, and let your thoughts become part of the tapestry of discussions sparked by this viral video.


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