“…That Was a Skullcrusher Close Call”- Weightlifter’s Miraculous Escape From Weighty Peril Concerns Internet Users

Published 09/11/2023, 6:59 AM EDT

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The urge to lift heavy and get jacked runs in the veins of every weightlifter and fitness athlete. However, one should always refrain from ego-lifting as beneath the surface of every empowering discipline lurks the elements of risk. 

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A recent viral video of an accident on Reddit at a weightlifting contest has created a buzz in the online world. A weightlifter narrowly dodges a weighty catastrophe.

The weightlifter’s tale of triumph over tragedy 


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In the era of competition, strength and determination collide in the world of weightlifting. In the video, it can be seen that a young weightlifter faced a major accident while lifting a weighted barbell. 

From the viral video clip, it can be understood that the weightlifter has probably participated in a contest. In the competition, a sudden moment of sheer terror unfolded. 


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The fearless weightlifter found himself in a perilous situation as he lifted the bar and in a formidable struggle with the massive barbell teetered on the edge of catastrophe.

That one was close
byu/French_Insight innonononoyes

As the weightlifter took the center stage and attempted to lift the barbell, he seemed quite confident. But after he lifted the barbell and tried to perform a clean and jerk, the bar faltered and he could not balance it any longer. The heavy weights and the bar itself swayed badly. In the blink of an eye, a twist of fate intervened and the barbell toppled over his head and came crashing down to the ground along with the athlete. However, going against all odds, she fortunately escaped a life-altering head injury.

Internet world perturbed by the heart-stopping moment at the competition

In the intense world of weightlifting, power and courage take the center stage. Netizens were shocked at this happening and reacted to this heart-pounding video.

One of the users commented, “Holy s**t that was a skullcrusher close call”, as the athlete was saved by sheer luck.

Another user referring to the gruesome Final Destination series commented, “Final destination 6“, as this clip was no less than a spine-chilling scene from the movie.

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“He’s lucky, that would have been like a sledgehammer dropped onto a water melon.”, commented another Reddit user referring to what a dangerous turn the accident could have taken.

Another user gave a gory reference saying, “That man’s brains almost painted the gymnasium”.

While fans were tense about the health of the athlete, another user asked about the condition of his health, “Is he alright? Can anyone tell?” and received a positive response, “He’s good – had a 2nd attempt which was a success and everyone cheered !”


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In this scenario, we can see that the athlete was narrowly saved from a terrible injury by a stroke of luck. But, every weightlifter from novice to pro should always try and keep themselves safe in the pursuit of passion. Share your views with us in the comment section.

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