‘You Could Do So Much Better than a Meathead Football Player’- Taylor Swift Gets Bizarre Advice from Barstool Sports CEO Who Spoke to Travis Kelce’s Mother

Published 10/02/2023, 2:17 PM EDT

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The connection between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift is bagging a lot of attention. Taylor Swift caused a buzz in the sporting world after she was seen attending the Chiefs’ game recently. She was standing right beside Travis Kelce’s mom which further solidified the rumors regarding Taylor and Travis.

Recently, the CEO of Barstool Sports commented on the engagement of the two. Her remarks on the whole Travis-Taylor situation came out with some blunt opinions.

CEO of Barstool Sports on Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce


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In a recent online post, the CEO of Barstool Sports, Erika Ayers Badan, recalls the time when she interviewed Travis Kelce’s mom. Then she goes on talking about the appearance of Taylor Swift in the Chiefs game.

However, later, she adds a personal piece of advice of her own where she mentions, “Speaking of philly, I interviewed Travis Kelce’s mom”, said Erika. “Don’t love the Taylor Swift thing”, she continued, “…stand with Kelly Kegs big time. I just think it feels weird.”

I thought Taylor looked amazing in the stands, like she looked high energy, the lipstick was amazing”, said Erica.
“She fits right in with the chief’s people. I just don’t get it. You could do so much better than a meathead football player. So that’s just my 2 cents for Taylor, but whatever.”

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Barstool sports has always been a media outlet that looked at things in it’s own way. However, Erica seems to have taken it a step further with her recent comments. Nobody knows exactly why she felt that Tayolr Swift deserved someone better than Travis, but she was not the only one to comment on the blockbuster couple. In the past few days, several fans and pundits have taken to the internet to express what they think about the two of them together.

Reactions on social media

Multiple comments came in after Erica made her remarks on the two of them. While most of them disagreed with Erica, there were those who sided with her as well-

Taylor is needing a “Real Man” like Kelce, not these sissy guys in the entertainment industry. This relationship might last a while.

Travis Kelce seems like a good person and has never caused a controversy in his career


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This comment points at the personality and the character of Travis Kelce, as he had been a person with a spot on attitude towards his routine. There has been no instance where he intertwined with any kind of controversy, and it is very rare in these modern times where everyone has an opinion of their own.

Completely agree on the Taylor Swift comment!

There are comments that support the budding closeness between the two, but on the other side there are comments that are against the whole scenario. Irrespective of what the comments are, it is up to them to decide if they wanna be together. As for now, they have been among the hot topics of discussion and everyone is keenly waiting for either of them to talk about it.


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