VIDEO: Stunning Footage Shows Skydiver Jumping Through a Rain Cloud at 15,000 Ft in Girona, Spain

Published 12/23/2023, 1:28 PM EST

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Ever imagined what it would be like if you went through a rain cloud? Well, think no further because Spanish skydiving expert Eric Finat just pulled off the impossible.

Jumping down from an altitude of 15000 feet over Girona, Spain, the skydiver recorded himself free-falling through a rain cloud. The veteran shared the video of his daring dive online and gave users a glimpse into what goes on inside a rain cloud!

Skydiving excellence amidst the clouds


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Uploaded on X by the page ‘TopStreetFights’, the video showed the skydiving Eric surrounded by beautiful blue skies. What followed after was absolute mayhem and not something for the faint-hearted.

Sky-diving through a rain cloud means there is next to no visibility and harsh conditions. There is uncertainty about when one would exit the cloud and come back to clean air space.


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It also poses the threat of injury from the rain pelting down on the body, which can cause great bruises on the face, neck and hands. While skydiving through a cloud may certainly seem like an adventurous and daring activity, it is quite dangerous and not recommended for all.

Eric, however, is a seasoned skydiver and looked more than comfortable in his stint. He told the media that it was his first jump of the day and by far the “most impressive one”. Overall, it was his 43rd jump.

He narrated how they had to battle different and extreme weather conditions throughout the day, making the whole skydiving expedition even more cumbersome.

Internet in awe of Eric Finat’s brave feat

Users online could barely believe what they saw. Let’s take a look at what the internet had to say about the audacious dive.

All this user could share was an emoji that showed an absolutely shocked face.

This user too shared an emoji that showed a person in a karate uniform. They perhaps were implying that he was nothing lesser than a ninja flying in the skies.


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Just a few months ago, a viral video of a sky divers involved in a terrible mishap went viral. Two planes carrying a group of skydivers crashed mid-air and forced a bunch of them to take a quick exit. Thankfully, none of them were injured, but it was quite an intense few seconds in the sky.


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Skydiving from 10 to 15000 feet in itself is a daring feat. For Eric Finat to take it a level higher and pull off a skydive amidst a rain cloud is a commendable feat and must be applauded.

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