VIDEO: BMW M4 Spirals Out of Control, Smashes into Fence Amidst High School Girls’ Soccer Game

Published 01/23/2024, 8:00 AM EST

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Students of Glendale High School witnessed a brutal car crash during their soccer game. A video of the bizarre incident is doing rounds on social media and has got everyone talking about it.

A grey BMW M4 swirled and spun out of control before crashing into the fence of the soccer stadium. The ongoing soccer game had an unusual interruption. Let’s find out what happened to the driver.

BMW crash causes minor pause in the soccer game


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Uploaded on X by the page ‘Wild Content’, the video certainly lived up to its name. The BMW M4 is an expensive and good-looking car, but the driver here completely totaled it. It showed the vehicle entering the frame of the camera at full speed, trying to drift and crashing into the fence.



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The front of the car was quite heavily damaged, and the tires made a huge screeching noise. Glendale High School girls’ soccer team were playing a match across the fence, and they all paused to look at the mayhem. The driver rolled the windows of the car up after the vehicle stopped in its tracks.

Fortunately for everyone, no one was hurt too badly, and it seemed like the driver too made it out okay. Judging from the driver’s actions, they were totally embarrassed by what happened and will be cursing themselves deep down.

Internet reacts to hilarious window roll and failed drift

Users online were equally confused and failed to understand how it all happened. Some made fun of the driver and their rash skills. The user finally understood the importance of fences around a field, after watching the driver fail the drift and crash the super car.

The window roll caught the eyes of almost everyone and the user here questioned the point of actually doing it.

According to this user, the failed attempt at drifting was also a failed attempt to make the car fly.

The best reaction of them all was by this user, who shared a hilarious image that perfectly summed the reactions of the players and everyone else online.

Of the many ways there are to gather attention, this user applauded the driver for their out of the box choice.


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It’s not every day that you get to watch a BMW drift during a soccer game. The players at Glendale High definitely had more than one story to tell that evening.


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