Convenience store workers probably have one of the most demanding jobs in the retail industry. Especially in the United States of America, where there is a blatant disregard for law and order.

In the clip, two convenience store workers turned into heroes as they stopped a thief from committing robbery.

Convenience store workers unleash their wrath


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Popular page ‘Fight Videos’, which is known for delivering content that shows fights all across the globe, shared the video on the platform X. The video generated a lot of buzz online. Moreover, the two store workers instantly turned into internet heroes after their feat of bravery.

The video started with the thief hurriedly putting all the items on the shelves into a bucket he had with him. One of the store workers shouted in the background as the thief continued to put everything into the basket, “Hey why are you stealing everything?”. The thief answered back and threatened to retaliate. Furthermore, the cashier in the store kept telling his co-workers that they were helpless until police arrived at the scene.

The store workers tried to reason with him and did not show any signs of backing down, as the thief threatened to hit them with a weapon he had in his back pocket. Nevertheless, the two heroes weren’t ready to give up. The thief moved forward to try and steal other things and one worker made his way behind him.

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The convenience store workers realized this was their moment and one of them charged toward the thief. He grabbed a hold of his arm as the cashier warned them not to. The worker then tackled him to the ground and the second worker smashed the thief continuously with a baseball bat he found. He continued to land some heavy blows as the thief cried out loud in pain and begged them to stop.

The netizens showered praise on the workers who stopped the heinous crime.

The internet praises the heroic effort of the workers

The video clip showed that the two workers subdued the thief and made him instantly regret his actions. The thief shouted for mercy, but the store workers weren’t having any of it. Let’s now see how the internet reacted to the entire episode.

This user pointed out the physical difficulties the thief would endure in the future.

This user believed that the thief already learned his lesson and will definitely not repeat this again.



Saving the best for the last, this user had the perfect GIF for the entire scuffle between the thief and store workers.



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The store workers used their quick thinking and presence of mind to stop the thief and thwart his plans of a robbery. Comments online explained that the two workers’ mentality in not knowing when to give up certainly played a massive role in saving the store and the day.

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