VIDEO: Girl Tries to Save Her Friend in a Brutal Street Fight and Instantly Regrets It

Published 08/20/2023, 8:27 AM EDT

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Street violence is on the rise in the country with instances seeing a stark rise in the past 12 months. In the past month itself, there are numerous instances that occurred, which left both people present and viewers in complete shock.

Not willing to die down any soon, the wave violence once again found itself on the streets as a large group of women battled it out in a hair-pulling contest for the ages.

Street violence consumes another group


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Uploaded on X by the page ‘thagirlsthumpin‘, the video showed a large group of girls hitting and punching each other uncontrollably as a man recorded the entire episode. The video in the beginning showed two girls, one in a tie-dye top and other sporting a black one, engaged in a hair-pulling and punches frenzy.

The man recording the video was highly animated throughout the scuffle and kept cheering his friend on.

A woman in a white t-shirt tried to intervene and break the duo apart but there was no space for any heroics as she was pulled to the side by another group of women. They pulled her by hair and started pounding her too with non-stop punches. The man behind the camera kept shouting, “Who jumpin? Who jumpin?” as the women continued to beat the poor lady in the white t-shirt.

Holding the woman’s hair, they swirled her around and threw her to the floor amidst loud cheers. The woman tried her best to limit the extent of damage and protect herself.

Internet reacts to dramatic fight

The street violence certainly left users online in shock, watching the nature and magnitude of the violence. Let’s take a look at how they reacted to the bizarre video!

Talking about the woman in white, the user believed she was the real target all along.

The user above thoroughly enjoyed the street fight and even offered some advice.

This person here said that it is best to read the situation and escape instead of get involved.

This woman here believed that the woman was actually trying to attack her friend.


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Using just one emoji, this user made their feelings about the whole fight clear.


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The video was certainly not a great sight to watch, with the violence going massively overboard. Instance of hair-pulling and punching are on the rise and pose a definite risk to the person. The rage and adrenaline forces people to get ahead of themselves and lose control but there is a need to address the problem at a macro level in order to suppress it.

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