American actor Jonathan Majors was in the news once again, after he donned the role of a peacemaker. The actor played the role of a hero in real life, after he got in the middle of a highly intense brawl between two female students.

The video of the two students fighting was from the Hollywood High School, located in Los Angeles. They unleashed UFC inspired moves on each other, with no one to stop the, or so they thought.

The many hats of Jonathan Majors


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Actor Jonathan Mayors was right across the street in an outlet of In-N-Out and he jumped into break off the duo after watching them go crazy. The two girls showed no mercy to each other as they continued to pound each other with hefty blows.

The students around them and the person recording cheered and laughed as the two girls were on the floor going crazy!

Jonathan walked across and tried to reason with the girls and asked them to break the fight off. At first the duo did not comply and wanted to continue fighting. He was was finally able to separate the duo after passionately reasoning with them.

Speaking to the media about the scuffle, Jonathan said it was all luck, that he arrived at the right time. All he wanted to ensure was that the two girls broke the fight out and were not harmed. He asked them to “Stay cool”, he revealed in an interview with the media.

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Real life hero or planned PR stunt? Internet is divided

Jonathan Majors, The Ant Man and The Wasp – Quantumania actor is in the middle of a great controversy. Accused of domestic violence by his ex-girlfriend for an incident in March, Mayors is facing misdemeanor assault and harassment charges.

He is in the middle of a criminal trial, that was delayed for the second instance. The actor is due to appear in court today for the hearing.

The internet though, did not buy into the heroic rescue act and believed that the entire act was a PR stunt, in order to sway public opinions and gain some support. Let us take a look at what some of the users had to say about the video.

Danny said that Jonathan Majors PR team is working relentlessly to help garner a positive image for him. They believed it was completely staged.

Swaying away from the main topic of discussion, this user had their eyes fixated on the person who was using their laptop to record the fight.

Tajinder commented in hindi which roughly translated into, Wow, they’re fighting with so much love!” A sarcastic jibe at the violent fight.

Jordan here was all praise for Jonathan Majors and referred to him by his character name in the movie Quantumania and applauded his effort.


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While users online strongly believe his PR team was on overtime and were the ones behind it, the actor is due to present in court today. PR stunt or not, the fate of his career and life will stay in the hands of the judge passing the order.

A media representative for Majors told the media, “He has done nothing wrong. We look forward to clearing his name and clearing this up.” 


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