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VIDEO: Two School Kids Go Full UFC as They Stand and Trade Punches Over a Lunch Table Dispute

Published 08/23/2023, 10:53 AM EDT

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Young boys in school usually engage in fights and brawls with each other in order to establish dominance or superiority over the other. They instantly resort to violence more often than not as a means to end a debate or argument.

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A viral video clip circulating online showed two boys clashing with each other in the middle of the school corridor as students watched the commotion unfold.

Spot at lunch table sparks brutal brawl


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The video uploaded on X by the page ‘FIGHTS CLIPS’ showed a violent altercation between two boys in school. The dispute was apparently over a spot at the lunch table and one of them was unhappy about the other taking it away. The video started with a boy dressed in a brown t-shirt walking up to the other boy in the white t-shirt, who punched him in the face from behind his back.

The boy in white sensed he was in danger and tried to take evasive action but was too late. The first blow landed straight to his face and the commotion ensued from thereon. Both of them started a punching bonanza and went into a fist-fight frenzy with each other.


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The boy in the white looked like he was more adept at fighting and could hold his ground. They continued their barrage of punches but were not able to land a decisive blow until the boy in white got his first clean hit to the face. The impact of the blow was pretty hard and forced the boy in the brown to the floor.

He then stayed on the floor and held the other boy’s legs as he pounded him with punches to his head. Unable to grab a hold of the boy due to his adept skills and presence of mind, the boy struggled to land any damage as students in the background grew in numbers.

The video ended with both of them still fighting against each other. Netizens were quick to react to the chaos that ensued.

Internet reacts to school madness

The internet had a lot to say and reacted quite differently to the clip. Let us take a dive into some of the best comments made by users online.

This user took all the attention away from the fight for the table and focused on the fact that five water bottles fell from the boy’s bag.

This user compared their fight for a lunch spot to fighting for a parking spot, the grown-up version.

‘Shoei’ was in awe of the crocs and the fact that they did not come off in the commotion and thought of getting a pair.

The user here was overjoyed at the video quality and also expressed their satisfaction with the camerawork.


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Another fan of the table fight, who had his popcorn out for this!


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The instances of school violence or school fights are on the rise. Just last week, a scuffle broke out between a boy and a girl after the latter threw milk on him. The impact of the violence and negative acts cannot be quantified but it does leave an impression on the young minds. The boy in brown too found himself in an embarrassing situation by the end and will definitely need support after.

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