VIDEO: UFC-Inspired Street Brawl Between Two Results in a Bloody Eye for One

Published 10/03/2023, 11:23 AM EDT

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With the number of street fight videos erupting on the internet on the rise, the problem of law and order on the streets is now more than just a pressing issue. People have now far too often foregone thoughts about decency and maintaining harmony in public spaces.

Any and every public space is now like a UFC or WWE fighting ring. There seems to be a complete disregard of public welfare and people resort to violence and physical brutality over constructive dialogue. People caught one such violent street altercation on camera and it showed exactly how and why the problem of street fights was now a dangerous one.

The boy left with a bloody eye after a UFC-like KO punch


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A trigger warning for our readers, the video has elements of violence and blood. Uploaded on X by the page ‘Fights n’ Stuff’, the video showed two boys involved in a violent scuffle in the streets. They kept swinging at each other in an attempt to knock the other out, like in a UFC fight.

One of the boys kept pulling his pants up, as they were quite loose. This kept him from being able to concentrate on the fight and gave the other boy the upper hand! The fight ended with a brutal UFC-like punch, as the falling pants proved to be fatal for the boy. He fell to the floor and the aggressor just walked away.


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Students who were watching the fight quickly gathered around him after they discovered he was bleeding. The boy winced in pain and everyone around looked really concerned.

Netizens react to bloody brawl

The bloody fight will take users back to the brutal fight night of UFC 49. It was Randy Couture vs. Vitor Belfort, a rivalry that was at its peak during that time. Couture was famous for his ability to decimate opponents. That night was no different, with him landing 131 of his 154 strikes in the match.

He won the match comfortably, but the actual show of the fight was his bloody shorts, which were white when it started and tainted in red by the end. Such was his destruction. The brutal and bloody street fight left a lot of users online miffed. Let’s take a look at some of their reactions.

This user said that a person pulling their pants up can never win during a fight.

The user here was worried about the boy’s well-being.

Charles said the boy shouldn’t have worn loose pants to a fight.

Stephen just called the entire fight. Not good.


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Flames had a lot to say about the incident and gave their two cents.


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The video clip once again showed why there is a need to address the issue of street violence. Thinking that all arguments can be resolved with violence leads to incidents and situations like what happened in this video.

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