VIDEO: Gym Training Takes an Ugly Turn as Man Gets Imprisoned for 2 Years After Smacking His Friend With Gym Weights

Published 07/27/2023, 12:46 PM EDT

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A shocking incident at a gym in Australia has led to a man being sentenced to 19 months in jail for dropping a 50-pound weight on another gymgoer’s head. The incident occurred at the Next Level Gym in Palmerston, resulting in serious injuries to the victim. Despite claiming the incident was accidental, the accused has been held accountable for his actions.

The Tragic Gym Incident: A Vicious Attack or Accidental Mishap?

In a disturbing turn of events, an incident at the Next Level Gym in Palmerston, Australia, made headlines when one gymgoer violently dropped a 50-pound weight on another’s head, leaving the victim with severe injuries. The man responsible for this horrific act, Shane William Ryan, pleaded guilty to the charges in the Supreme Court. The consequence of this mishap is to spend 19 months in jail.


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The incident occurred in October 2020 when both men were working out at the gym in a seemingly amicable manner. The court noted that they were engaging in friendly conversation before the dreadful incident unfolded.


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CCTV footage of the incident revealed a different story. The footage captured Shane William Ryan approaching the victim, who was using a bench for his workout. In a sudden and violent move, Ryan dropped the heavy 50-pound weight on the unsuspecting victim’s head. The video showed the unnamed victim falling to the ground, bleeding.

Jailed for 19 Months

Ryan insisted that the whole mishap was an accident during the court proceedings. However, Justice John Burns, while delivering the sentencing remarks, pointed out that the CCTV visuals showed Ryan intentionally moving toward the victim and deliberately dropping the weight on him.


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The consequences of the attack were severe for the victim. He suffered a non-displaced left frontal bone fracture, swelling on the face, chest pain, headaches, and a cut above his left eyebrow. Additionally, the trauma caused the victim to develop anxiety, compounding the impact of the injuries.


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The victim chose to remain nameless when he initially talked to Daily Mail. “I have not told my mum and dad about it as I did not want to stress them so don’t want to say much about it,” he said.

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