Robberies in this day and age are becoming quite common. Armed robberies in bodegas, malls, and jewelry stores are seen and heard of on a daily basis. While most of these reports are about robberies where the thieves made off with the money, this time it was different. What could go wrong when amateur thieves burst into a store but faces a man trained in martial arts? Your guess is as good as ours.

Man in blue – The unexpected hero

In a video posted by Twitter user “@lncmpltemission”, we see exactly what would happen when a man trained in martial arts attempts to stop robberies. In this viral video, we see a pair of robbers wearing hoodies and a mask attempting to enter a store.


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They come in with a gun raised, pointing them straight at our man in blue. Quick to realize what’s happening, the man immediately reaches for the gun, while attempting to punch the other person square in the face. This single move was enough to send the second person flying as he attempted to flee the store.

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The video, unfortunately, cuts here abruptly, as we don’t know what happened to the first assailant, whose gun our man in blue managed to get a hold of.

Netizens from around the world showered praise on the man in blue.

Social media lauds the hero in question

Twitter users were quick to identify the heroism of our man in blue. They assumed he was a marine and quoted their motto, Semper Fi.

Searching further into the reactions, we learn that Twitterati identified him as a marine, by the way he wears his hat. Twitter user “I am Shake” wrote “The guy must have been a marine. marines like to have their glasses on their hat like that” 

People were miffed at the abrupt end of the video as well, eager to know what happened next. User “That Welshmun” wrote, “Come on, where’s the rest of it”


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However, no praise was left unsaid, as many appreciated his quick assessment of the situation as he jumped in to save the day.


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What would you have done here? What did you make of the heroic act to stop the robbery? Let us know down below.

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