VIDEO: 2 Women Spectators in a Suite Go Full UFC as They Rain Down Punches on Each Other During the Cubs MLB Match

Published 07/28/2023, 4:18 PM EDT

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July 26 2023 saw an inter-city Baseball game between the Cubs and the White Sox. Despite the Cubs winning 3-0 over their state rival, it was a disgraceful day for Chicago. A massive brawl broke out at Guaranteed Rate Field in one of the private suites. What should have been a friendly gathering among fans turned into a chaotic scene. Needless to say, this incident was caught on camera and went viral on different social media platforms.

Chaos Unleashed in Suites

As the Chicago Cubs and White Sox clashed on the field, an entirely different spectacle unfolded in one of the private suites at Guaranteed Rate Field. One X user “@barstoolsports” tweeted out a video showing the different fights that unfolded in the private suite.  The main fight saw two women engaging in a heated altercation, exchanging punches while secondary punches rolled out on the other side of the frame.


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These secondary fights involved two male fans throwing punches at each other. One of the men, wearing a blue t-shirt, was aggressively attacking another fan. Eventually, another fan stepped in and dragged him over the seats, escorting him to the back of the suite.

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Amidst all the chaos, fans were quick to notice one individual in the corner of the frame, ignoring the altercation and enjoying his ice cream.

While brawls between fans are unfortunately common, having a fight break out at a private suite is almost unheard of.  Usually filled with regulars, these fans typically know each other or have a significant passion for the sport, and do not delve into petty brawls. However, despite the video going viral, the identity of individuals and the reason for the altercations remain unknown.

The Aftermath

Thankfully, there were no reports of injuries following this ugly incident at the Guarantee Rate Field. As the video circulated online, it garnered significant attention and sparked discussions about fan behavior at sports events. One important question that was on everyone’s minds echoed all along the internet. Where were the stadium security and the law enforcement?


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The White Sox, as well as the management at Guaranteed Rate Field, have yet to issue an official statement addressing the incident. This silence, followed by the complete lack of information has left fans questioning the preventative measures in place.


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Incidents like this serve as a reminder of the importance of promoting sportsmanship and respectful behavior among fans, regardless of team allegiances. Sports events should be an opportunity for enjoyment and camaraderie, and actions that lead to violence and chaos undermine the spirit of the game.

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