A simple night out in KFC is synonymous with tasty food and ‘finger lickin good’ but for this outlet in Benidorm, something different was in store. A group of English football fans broke into an all-out wrestling match as they attempted to take each other down.

KFC store turns into WWE Ring

The video shared on the platform ‘X’ on the page ”Football Fights’ showed a group of men arguing with each other. What started as a verbal duel quickly developed into a punching contest. As they stood in front of each other, the man in the pink shorts takes a wild swing and punched the man in front multiple times. He forced the man to fall down and his friend pushed him back hard in retaliation.


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A woman in the background screamed, “What are you guys doing?” as the men continued to try to hurt each other, throwing wild punches at each other. The people around tried to break the fight and the store staff finally intervened. The commotion continued as more of the staff arrived, trying to de-escalate the whole situation. It is at this moment that things took a wild turn as a few of the KFC staff members started attacking the men once again.

They surprised the people around with their violent outbursts and the staff member charged towards the men who started the fight. He punched him in the head multiple times before the people could separate them. The fight took an unexpected turn and the staff lost their cool and resorted to extreme measures.

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Internet reacts to fan violence

Football fans are passionate and wear their heart on their sleeves. The fight between the two groups left users online in hysteria and they had some great reactions. Let’s take a look at some of them!

This user came up with a funny, sarcastic headline for the fight.

There were tons of reference to chicken and KFC and the internet could not get enough!

This user aptly pointed out how the KFC staff got involved.

The user above relived his days at the KFC store after watching the video.


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Saving the best for the last, the GIFs uploaded are always a riot!


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While fan wards are a common occurrence, especially between English football fans, people must be more aware and controlled in public spaces. The staff at KFC too had the responsibility of controlling the situation but participated in the violence and escalated it further. They should condone such incidents and adopt better measures.

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