VIDEO: Man Turns Street Fight into a WWE TLC Match as He Brutally Knocks Out His Opponent Twice His Size

Published 10/19/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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Facing an opponent twice your size is tough. Emerging victorious in that fight goes against the odds. However, it is always an interesting story when it goes against the odds. A recent street altercation between two individuals depicts one man being huge, while the other one is comparatively small.

In the initial phases, he tries to dodge the big guy, but he looks for a particular movement to hit back. After some struggle, he finally finds that one spot where he can turn the fight around. 

A man turns a fight into a WWE TLC encounter


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The uploaded video presents a street fight where a big guy is all over the small one while the man who is comparatively smaller than him, dodges. At no point, did it look like the fight would go in the direction of the small man. However, after some dodges, he finds a chair to get back at the big guy. This is his moment and he grabs it with both arms. The fight gets tanked for the big guy and the person with the chair emerges victorious. 

The two hits he took from the chair resulted in a cold knockout of the big man. The chairs in a fight are a kind of WWE imitation. We particularly witness these moves when 2 WWE superstars are competing in a table, ladders and chairs match.

One of the most brutal chair moments in WWE history came in during the breakage of the shield. Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and De Ambrose were all ready to face the game and his tactics. However, He Had his mind games already planned for the moment. Seth Rollins was the one who attacked Roman Reigns with a chair, breaking one of the most formidable forces in WWE history, “the Shield”.

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A lot of reactions came in after the cold chair knockout.

Reactions on Social Media

The man defeating the opponent twice in size bagged in a lot of attention on the Reddit platform.

It is an extreme embarrassment for the big man getting knocked out by the mind games of the small guy.


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The guy in the black t-shirt looked prepared for the situation as he dodges and waits for the right time to strike back. It looked like he already has dealt with a similar situation before.

This comment refers to the chill and controlled behaviour. Somebody else would have thrown the stool on the knocked out person in rage.

There will be some questions about the act, considering it to be an assault. However, the general reaction to the comment section considers this justified because of the size difference between the two guys.


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Disabling your opponent sometimes turns necessary and it will be up to the authorities to decide whether the actions were just or unjust.

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