VIDEO: Resurfaced Clip of Pro Wrestler Unintentionally Spitting Gum on a 9-Year-Old Girl Stuns X’s Users

Published 12/26/2023, 2:20 PM EST

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Never come between a father and daughter. That’s something a pro wrestler found out the hard way after an enraged father brutally punched him. The pro wrestler made the stupid mistake of spitting on a young 9-year-old girl and denying her a handshake. As he exited the arena, the young girl’s father emerged from behind to deliver his parental justice. Uploaded on X by the page ‘Real Crazy Fights,’ the video showed the pro wrestler surrounded by loud cheers and applause. Let’s find out what went down and why the big man was taken down.

Wrestler faces the wrath of an angry father

The camera showed him asking someone to come ahead, which turned out to be the innocent 9-year-old girl. She approached the wrestler with a twinkle in her eye and a beaming smile, but he treated her with disrespect.


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He spat right in front of her on the floor and faked a handshake as she put her hand out. As he walked away after the rather shameful act, the father of the young girl sprung from behind and unleashed his fury.


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The angry father pounded the wrestler, catching him by surprise. He smacked him with brutal punches to the face and kept going non-stop.

Two men from the crowd intervened and pulled him behind. The angry father could not stand anybody treating his precious angel like that. Netizens reacted to the viral video by sharing their views!

Internet reacts to father’s brave fightback

Users online praised the father for standing up to the wrestler and nailing his role as a father. Let’s take a look at their reactions.

The page admin of ‘Crazy Clips’ praised the father for his swift reaction and decision to take the wrestler down.

Afoa said that a hero will always defend and protect his family. The father was a hero for his sweet 9-year-old daughter.

This user believed that people around the wrestler too should have joined in on the fight.


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Michael called the act by the wrestler a disgraceful one, condoned it thoroughly and was shocked a child was at the receiving end.


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What the wrestler did was completely unforgivable. Ultimately, the father did what any parent would, standing up for their child. The daughter will certainly be proud of her father. What are your thoughts on the video? Let us know in the comment below!

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