Virat Kohli-Anil Kumble didn’t talk much: Manager

July 7, 2017 12:20 pm

Team India administrative manager Kapil Malhotra has filed his report on the ICC Champions Trophy squad. The report contained all basic details but surprisingly there was no mention of the conflict between Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli. In the wake of Kumble’s resignation though, the BCCI had specifically instructed Cricket Club of India (CCI)’s Malhotra to report any incident of discord between Kohli and Kumble when the team was in England.
According to Malhotra, there is nothing in the report which suggests that skipper Virat Kohli was ever rude to the coach nor has he mentioned any incident which could be termed as a breach of discipline,” a BCCI source told PTI.
There was harmony in the dressing room, the coaches Mr. Anil Kumble, Mr. Bangar, Mr. Sridhar & senior players like Mr. MS Dhoni & Mr. Yuvraj Singh were helpful to the younger players,” Malhotra said in his report. However, Malhotra, who attended all team meetings on the eve of matches, said he did not see “much communication between captain and coach.”

Here is the full report:

I hear by duly submit my report, Champions Trophy 2017.
The arrangements made by ICC at the airports both when we landed & left were excellent, the hotels where we were put up were good. Our local liaison Mr. Vasant Bhatt was very accommodating and helpful.
Mr. Peter Spinks our security in charge provided by ICC, worked very well with our security manager Mr. Jaidev Joshi.
Our staff performed there functions with sincerity and dedication.
Before the tournament began, I had meetings with Mr. Chris Tetley Head of events, meeting with Mr. Neeraj Kumar & Miss Jill McCracken tournament safety & security manager, attended ACSU meetings. Had a meeting with Mr. David Boon match Referee along with head coach Mr. Anil Kumble.
Both ICC venue managers Oval, Mr. Dhiraj Malhotra and Edgbaston, Miss Sarah Edgar were very helpful & cooperative.
Our Captain Mr. Virat Kohli was very positive, was always approachable & respectful, even when the team had a bad day on the field, he encouraged the players to go out & express themselves & perform better, in the team meetings he spoke about intensity required on the field & led by example.
All the team members got along well & behaved like true professionals & were always seen encouraging each other.
There was harmony in the dressing room, the coaches Mr. Anil Kumble, Mr. Bangar, Mr. Sridhar & senior players like Mr. MS Dhoni & Mr. Yuvraj Singh were helpful to the younger players.
Team meetings were held one day before all the games, which I attended.
Team selections were held one day before, both the selectors Mr. MSK Prasad, Mr. Devang Gandhi, head coach Mr. Anil Kumble, Captian Mr. Kohli & myself attended the meetings, the selection of all the games was unanimous. The minutes of the selection committee meeting are ready in hard copy.
Initially, When I met Mr. Anil Kumble I found him to be slightly reserved, but as the tournament progressed I found him more approachable.
I must add that I did not see much communication between the Coach & the Captain, personally, I did not witness any arguments between the two.
The Team members played well throughout the tournament & gave there 100 percent, it was unfortunate that we did not win the final.
Going forward, would suggest that there is enough time given to the squad to rest when they arrive, after long flights, before they start there activities, at least a couple of days, because If you see the scheduling, the day we got into London in the morning, within a few hours the Captain had to attend the arrival press conference, then captains photo shoot, then the entire squad had to attend Anti-Doping educational briefing along with ACU educational briefing.
The next day we were at Lords practicing.
Enough water should be provided in team rooms at the hotel, we were provided 2 crates of water which was not sufficient.
Security concerns
There were 3 incidents reported by our security manager.
1. On the final day of the tournament after the prize distribution ceremony, as the players were walking up the steps, one of the spectators said something to Mr. Shami, who was upset initially, but let go of the incident as it could have got the spectator into trouble, this could have been avoided had there been more distance between the spectators & the team members.
2. When we were about to leave the Oval after the finals, we were informed by our security manager that a minor incident had taken place with the door of the team bus, this was sorted out & the team bus arrived a little late.
3. Our team analyst Mr. Tulli left his passport & money at the hotel in his room locker, in Birmingham, our security officer informed the hotel regarding this, only the passport was returned & we were informed there was no money found in the locker. Our security manager had taken up this issue with the security department of the ICC.
I hear by submitting my report in as unbiased & accurate manner as I can.
Kapil Malhotra

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