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Steve Smith Far Away from Virat Kohli in World Cup Knock Out Matches

Steve Smith Far Away from Virat Kohli in World Cup Knock Out Matches

Virat Kohli, the World no. 1 batsman in ODI as well as test cricket, is far behind Australia’s Steve Smith in one aspect of batting. In terms of runs scored in World Cup knock-out stages, Steve Smith is way ahead of the Indian captain.

After serving a ban for the infamous sandpaper incident, Steve Smith and David Warner came back into the Australian squad and played as if they had never left international cricket. Smith might have been booed, and his name might have echoed with chants of ‘cheater,’ but he has shown that it does not affect his batting and he still remains among the top batsmen in World Cricket.

Steve Smith has scored four consecutive 50 plus scores in World Cup knock-out matches including the match winning hundred against India in the 2011 World Cup semi-finals. Kohli, on the other hand has a highest score of 35 after six¬†innings in World Cup knock out stages. Kohli’s tally of 73 runs is nowhere near the Australian’s 311. And the fact that Smith has played fewer matches, makes it even worse for Kohli.

Scores in World Cup Knock out games-

Steve Smith- 65, 105, 56*, 85.

Virat Kohli- 24, 9, 35, 3, 1, 1.

Steve Smith has equaled the record for most number of 50 plus scores in World Cup knock out games with none other than Sachin Tendulkar. But the master has played seven World Cup knock out matches, three more than Smith. In his last innings, Smith became the lone warrior and was unfortunately run out in a match that saw Australia bow out of the 2019 Cricket World Cup.

Most 50 plus scores in World Cup knock out matches-

  • Sachin Tendulkar (4 in 7 innings)
  • Steve Smith (4 in 4 innings)
  • Adam Gilchrist (3 in 6 innings)
  • Javed Miandad (3 in 5 innings)
  • MS Dhoni (3 in 6 innings)

Virat Kohli, the kind of person he is, would definitely want to improve on the record and will be wanting to play in more knock-out games to prove himself. But unfortunately, he will have to wait for at least another four years.


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