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Virat Kohli’s “Bhavesh” Tweet Could be an Intelligent Dig at a Suresh Raina Incident during 2012 T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli’s “Bhavesh” Tweet Could be an Intelligent Dig at a Suresh Raina Incident during 2012 T20 World Cup

Virat Kohli

India captain Virat Kohli is currently out of action and enjoying a holiday with his wife Anushka Sharma. He hasn’t taken a break for a long time and played non-stop cricket since the start of this year. Although he has not a part of the ongoing three-match T20I series against Bangladesh, he will be back for the Test series. But he has been trending for his reply to Suresh Raina.

In his absence, Rohit Sharma has been captaining the team. However, they failed to do well as Bangladesh beat India by seven wickets and took the 1-0 lead in the three-match series. This was Bangladesh’s first win over India in the T20I.

However, Virat Kohli, pretty well knows how to be in the news despite staying away from cricket. The Indian captain turned 31 on Tuesday and everyone wished him on his birthday across the globe. At just 31, Kohli has already earneda lots of respect as a player and also as a captain.

Suresh Raina & Virat Kohli
Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli

Despite his on-field achievements, Virat Kohli is familiar with his off-field activities as well. Recently, he was trolled for his tweet to his India teammate Suresh Raina. It all started when Raina wished him on his birthday and Virat Kohli thanked him for his message, citing, “Thanks Bhavesh

While everyone is trolling the captain, there could be a reason of calling Suresh Raina “Bhavesh”. Earlier in 2012, Raina tweeted, “Ek do din late gaye ghar! Woh bhi besharam ki tarah gaye… Bye bye Pakistan!” during the 2012 T20 World Cup. However, he removed the tweet later who claimed it was his nephew who had posted it. also said that smart phones are pretty dangerous.

“Discovered it last night after my nephew posted random tweets. I’m a sportsman and would never be disrespectful. I felt it’s better to clarify. To all those who are upset, I’m sorry.” Suresh Raina tweeted at that time.

For Kohli’s reply, someone also suggested that India captain knows about that incident and that’s why he called him “Bhavesh” as there is a possibility of Raina’s nephew replied that whose name is known to be Bhavesh

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