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Vittinghus’ Tweener

Vittinghus’ Tweener

A tweener, is one of the toughest improvised shots to execute. Back to the net, chasing the shuttle(or ball), with no clue where the opponent is and the need to time the shot to perfection. Very few, like the great Roger Federer would be able to pull it off.

And in badminton, with a smaller court and a slower shuttle the odds just go down. So when Hans-Kristian Vittinghus has to do it against a “refreshed” Lee Chong Wei to save a game point, we would give him no chance at all. But count on the Dane-known for his diving retrieves- to do something extraordinary like a trickshot when the chips are down . Watch Vittinghus do the perfect tweener  at the recent US Open Grand Prix Gold final (which he eventually lost).

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