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War Veterans React To Call Of Duty MW2 Missions

War Veterans React To Call Of Duty MW2 Missions

Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone are perhaps the two most popular games of the franchise. Their rise to popularity was inspired by sheer realism and quick-fire-action. While most of it resembles real life, does it actually fit in the frame of reality? Thanks to a video from Gamology featuring war veterans, we now know the difference. 

US Marines Jason and Patrick reacted to Call Of Duty moments to reveal the truth. From an army man’s perspective, video games might be the last thing close to an actual firefight. However, the realistic depiction of these moments does hold the essence. Nevertheless, they can never resemble real-life moments where one is fighting for their life. 

Fear is the most extraordinary impulse of the human spirit. The fear of death pushes a man to the extents, which he is unaware of. Jason Lilley is a Marine Raider, Recon and Scout Sniper. On the other hand, Patrick Moltrup is a Marine, Navy SWCC, and Special Ops Medic in real life. Their reactions to Modern Warfare 2 are absolutely genuine. 

Call Of Duty moments reviewed by veterans

We are here to kill people and chew bubble gum,” their hilarious reactions will definitely crack you up. There is a part where the civilians are killed, and they respond by saying it is definitely a war-crime. It makes us rethink what kind of reality the game tries to pass off. The next thing they pointed out is the ammo box on a machine gun (240). The real one is actually different, and this one looks like an “AK variant magazine.”

The other thing Jason mentioned about the gun is, “ideally, you want to be on your stomach shooting that thing.” Both of them sort of mentioned how the game has bits which mimic Hollywood, and “probably would never happen.”

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“When you are in an urban environment, its absolute chaos”

Trust me, in Afghanistan or Iraq, a hand-drill as a weapon of choice.” Sometimes, games do not portray the actual truth; this definitely got revealed through this review. “I really wished in real life I had a heads up display anytime there is a grenade around me,” well that tells you a lot, doesn’t it? Patrick did, however, compliment the game for depicting the risks fighting in an urban environment with the Favela map. 

No matter how much Call Of Duty tries to mimic real-life situations, it is always going to be a game primarily. They explained a few key things that are the actual reality. From magazine weight to equipment to urban surroundings, breaking everything down to the most realistic bits. 

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