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Warriors Might Part Ways with Draymond Green if He can’t get his Act Together

Warriors Might Part Ways with Draymond Green if He can’t get his Act Together

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Over the weekend, Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green accidentally sent out a picture of his genitals on social media. At first, Green claimed to have been hacked, but a few hours later, he apologized and came clean about the incident. Since the NBA season is over, Green’s actions won’t have an impact on the latest basketball lines for the Warriors, but it might affect his future with the team.

According to some unconfirmed reports, the Warriors are starting to get tired on Green’s off-court antics, and are considering parting ways with the forward.

Green already caused the team a lot of headaches over the past two seasons. During the 2014 NBA playoffs, Green got into an altercation with Houston Rockets forward Michael Beasley, and ended up throwing him to the ground. The referees issued a flagrant 1 foul to Green, but it didn’t change Green’s behavior.

This season, Green was involved in several altercations, including one with his teammates after the team was getting blown out by halftime against the Oklahoma City Thunder. In the playoffs, Green kicked the Thunder’s Steven Adams in the groin on multiple occasions, but avoided being suspended by the league.

During the NBA Finals, his antics finally caught up with him and he received a one-game suspension for an altercation with LeBron James. The Warriors, who were up 3-1 at that point, ended up losing the series. While his teammates don’t believe his suspension had anything with them losing the finals, Warriors fans weren’t very happy about Green’s selfish act and feel it did cost the team a chance to win consecutive championships.

After the season was over, many expected not to hear from Green again until the Olympics, where he is representing the United States. However, a few weeks after the season ended, Green was arrested for punching a man in the face while he was in Michigan.

Green’s lawyer was able to get him a plea deal that will keep him out of jail, but the Warriors and Team USA couldn’t have been happy about the negative attention Green brought to both teams.

With the addition of Kevin Durant in the offseason, the Warriors won’t have any problem putting Green on the trading block if he can’t get his act together. Although he has been a very valuable player for Golden State over the past two seasons, the addition of Durant makes him expendable, especially since the team will be trying to sign Durant and Stephen Curry to long term contracts next summer.

However, if Green can cut out the dumb stuff and get his act together, the team won’t have any reason to deal the former Michigan State product. If he cannot, and the team feels the distractions he causes outweigh his production on the court, Green will be wearing a new uniform in the near future.

Prior to his recent antics, Green was considered one of the feel good stories in the NBA, after coming into the league as a 2nd round pick of the Warriors and most scouts not believing he would do much in the NBA. Green silenced his critics last year and helped the team win a championship, resulting in the team giving him a new contract.

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