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WATCH: 15-year old Rafael Nadal Unable To Remember His Achievements

WATCH: 15-year old Rafael Nadal Unable To Remember His Achievements

With his win at Acapulco, Rafael Nadal won his 85th ATP title, placing him 4th in the all-time list. After this win, one might wonder how many titles did Rafa win before he joined the ATP circuit? The answer to this question was partially given in a recent tweet.

Watch: Rafael Nadal trying to remember the titles he won

In the video, we see Rafael Nadal as a teenager listing out all the titles he had won and eventually finding himself incapable of remembering more. Rafa was extremely successful even as a teenager winning a lot of titles. He won so many titles during his teens that remembering all of them became a near-impossible task.

One might want to ask 33-year old Rafa, to list every single title he has won in his career and watch him work for hours and hours listing the titles he had won. He still might not remember considering that he has won a lot more since he was a teenager but it would be fun to see him try.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

Rafa fans were hoping to see the Spaniard add more to his tally but the ATP tour suspension prevented that. The coronavirus pandemic has canceled 5 out of the 9 Masters tournaments in the year. The French Open which is the second Grand Slam of the year has also been postponed.

More importantly, the Rafa fans need to hope that Rafa stays healthy as the coronavirus is spreading fast. It has already killed many people in Spain and Rafa needs to stay safe from this deadly virus.

Recently, a vaccine against coronavirus has been developed which could contain the virus. Human trials have begun so it is hopeful that the ATP tour will kick-off again in June and we can see Rafa back in action chasing some more titles.

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