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WATCH: A Dog Throws the Ceremonial First Pitch before the Washington Nationals Season Opener

WATCH: A Dog Throws the Ceremonial First Pitch before the Washington Nationals Season Opener

Clint the dog performed the ritual of Ceremonial First Pitch for Washington Nationals

The NFL season opener for Washington National against Atlanta Braves ended in a disappointing 0-5 loss. The Nationals to finish scoreless in the opening game, but the game saw something more unusual before it began. As it has been a longstanding ritual of baseball to conduct a ceremonial first pitch in which a guest of honor throws a ball to mark the end of pregame festivities to mark start of the game, the nationals maintained it. But what was unusual is a dog came out to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

“This is Clint. Clint is the goodest boy. He “threw” out the ceremonial first pitch before tonight’s game,” the official twitter handle of the Washington Nationals posted on twitter with a video of Clint the dog performing the ritual of throwing the ceremonial first pitch.

According to NBC Sports, Clint is an assistance dog in training with the Canine Companions for Independence, a nonprofit organization based in California that breeds, raised and trains assistance dogs for the handicapped.

After the ritual, the teams went on to play the game, and the Braves came out happier in the end. Having gone scoreless, the National have a lot to think about their offence going into the season.

There was more good news for the Braves as Nick Markakis, who was coming back after missing 43 games due to injury, did not show any rust in his return. Markakis went 2 for 4 with a sacrifice fly.

”I was just up there trying to get comfortable again,” Markakis said. ”Your first game back after seven weeks against a pitcher like (Max Scherzer) is not the easiest feat, so I was pleased. I didn’t see as many pitches as I would like to but when I did see my pitch, I tried not to miss it.”

In spite of the excellent comeback and the humiliating loss, the game will be remembered for the gesture allowing a dog to throw the ceremonial first pitch.

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