Watch: A Spectacular 5-Star Rated Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

June 11, 2020 4:35 pm

Since releasing in March, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has earned immense popularity and acclaim. The gameplay is immersive yet straightforward at the same time. All one has to do is collect resources and craft them to decorate their islands to perfection. Many players have invested hundreds of hours in creating remarkable 5-star rated islands.

Perhaps the most engaging feature is the ability to customize almost everything. The game provides infinite opportunities for players to channel their inner artistry. Today we are going to look at one of the 5-star rated islands. Popular Animal Crossing New Horizon YouTuber, TagBackTV, took us on a tour of the island, Traverse. It is truly a paradise.

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An incredible 5-star Animal Crossing: New Horizons island

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

Traverse has 12 residents, 2 of whom, Alex and May, are the creators of the island. May is giving TagBackTV a tour of her incredible island. For starters, the island has a nice and compact seating area, a fruit stall for apples, and a somewhat terrifying T-Rex skeleton near the museum’s entrance. Next to the seating area and behind the Able Sisters’ shop is a small eatery serving pizza. Nook’s Cranny is right beside, with a well-decorated diner in the back and front of it is a boardwalk where bicycles are parked.

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

Across the street is a resident’s house with a patio and a pool in the backyard to relax. There is also a dog park with two dog houses adjacent to the street. Moreover, a fountain is placed among the trees in the riverside. Across the river are extensive gardens full of flowers and greenery with a dedicated area for beekeeping. Amidst all that, is an area for birthday parties. Next to it are some more fruit stalls with a small pond in the middle. Alex’s house is nearby with a nicely decorated front yard. That is more or less the eastern side of the island.

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

Switching over to the western side, behind the museum is an outdoor area where some plants and bugs are on display for sale. Next to the museum is a beach with a monolithic Easter Island statue at one end. The other end has a tiny space for tea parties to enjoy the sunset on the beach. Some of the residents’ houses are nearby with trees and fencing. The central portion of the map hosts another garden. It is a zen garden with composed arrangements of rocks, water features, trees, flowers, as well as a gong in the middle.

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The wedding area and May’s house

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

The north-east front of the island houses some other residents. They have a small community beach behind the housing area. Towards the northern end, there is a camping area overlooking the ocean. Encompassed with log sticks and trees, it has a comfy campfire and space for cooking. The graveyard for fallen villagers is at some distance, scattered with flowers.

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

On the northwestern stretch, the beach has a lighthouse. The spectacular wedding area is adjacent to the beach, thoroughly decorated with fancy furniture, a variety of flowers as well as waterfall systems. The wedding reception space next to it is equally well-decorated.

Credit: Screenshot via TagBackTV

Last but not least, May gave TagBackTV a tour of her house. She has a living room, a bathroom, an office, and a kitchen. Just like the rest of the map, May has carefully planned and decorated the interior with thorough details. Furthermore, the basement of her house is for band practice and has all kinds of musical instruments.

The amount of work put in to design the island is worth hundreds of hours and is simply incredible. So if you are looking for ideas to make your island paradise stand out, check TagBackTV’s video linked above.

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