WATCH: Albert Almora Takes a Spectacular Catch against the Cardinals

September 28, 2019 4:31 pm

The game between St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs on Friday might have went scoreless for the first three inning, but come the fourth inning and Albert Almora of the Cubs injected some drama into what seemed like a rather dull game.

Cardinals’ Yadier Molina went for a swing in the fourth inning that looked set to be the first home run of the game. But Almora had other ideas. Molina’s hit to deep centre-field with the bases loaded was caught incredibly by Almora. He climbed onto the outfield wall at full extension and  almost plucked the ball out of the seats behind the wall to deny Molina a home run. He was naturally pumped after the magical effort.

“That’s the best catch I’ve ever had when I’ve been pitching,” Cubs starter Alec Mills said.

After most of the game went scoreless, the Cups managed seven runs in the seventh inning, which turned the game in their favour. The Cubs eventually won the game 8-2 amidst speculations of their manager Joe Maddon getting sacked.

Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish, who was making his comeback after a lay off due to injury, backed the manager quoting him as a “great person”  and “patient.”

“(Maddon) is a great person,” he said. “Not only is he a great manager, but especially last year (to the) beginning of this year, he was so patient with me. That’s why I feel really good right now — because of him.”

But Maddon did not really feel bothered about the talks of his sacking. “I’m having a pretty good time still,” Maddon told a large group of reporters Friday night.“And I will. The future has not been decided yet. But quite frankly I’m feeling pretty good.”

“When you get to do what I do every day, and you get to do it here, under the circumstance of what we’ve done over the last several years, it’s hard to get upset or get down,” Maddon said. “Why would you permit a game to drag you down like that? I feel really good about the future, very strongly about the future — whether it’s on or off the baseball field. … It’s been wonderful.”

“I cannot be more eager for the day than I am right now,” Maddon said. “This year’s been weird. Our record is not good, and we’re not in the playoffs, but I’ve had a blast.”


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