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WATCH: An Innovative Way To Play Tennis During Isolation

WATCH: An Innovative Way To Play Tennis During Isolation

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of facilities have been shut down. This has raised a question in the minds of tennis players – what tennis drills can I do at home? In a recent Instagram post by Baseline Highlights, this question was answered very nicely.

The Amazing Tennis Drill

The following steps must be performed to do this drill. The ball must be tied with a string and the string must be tied to a fixed platform on the road. When the player hits the ball, it returns back after the string reaches its full length. This is like wall-practice, without the wall!

This drill is an amazing way for aspiring tennis players to train during this period. Just like wall-practice, the ball returns at the exact same speed the player hits it. This forces the player to be ready after every shot to return the next one. Unlike rallying, the ball will always return even if you have hit a fantastic shot.

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Such techniques to train at home have emerged due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In many countries, all facilities have been shut. However, the real heartbreaking news for tennis fans was the suspension of ATP and WTA tour.

The suspension has canceled 5 out of the 9 Masters tournaments.  It has also postponed the French Open – the second grand slam of the year. If the current situation persists it is likely we will not see Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic competing for the rest of the year.

The coronavirus vaccine has been developed but it will not work if the virus keeps spreading. We all must stay in our homes to contain the virus. If you are a tennis player and if you are bored, you can always use the above drill to keep yourself entertained.


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