WATCH: Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal Indulge in a Funny Banter at Virtual Madrid Open

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Rafael Nadal finally made it to the big match against Andy Murray after the injury joke that was played on the fans yesterday. The Mallorcan was ready with his PS4 to prove that he was equally good on virtual clay.

However, that was not to be as Andy schooled Rafa in the Virtual Madrid Open Pro 2020. Despite his best efforts, Rafa just couldn’t keep pace with the British star. In fact, he lost 3-0 to Andy.

That wasn’t it for Rafa, though, as he also lost to Benoit Paire. While you might not imagine Paire beating Rafa on clay in real life, he was certainly the better man in the virtual world.

This is what Benoit Paire said on Twitter –

“Really a big game against @RafaelNadal today !! Powerful forehand and very efficient in service !! It was a dream to beat Rafa on earth and it’s done !! 😍😍😍😍
PS: it was on PlayStation but hey 😅😅
#joke #ofcourse”

The biggest talking point for the fans was the fun banter between Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal.

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How did Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal taunt each other?

Andy Murray was victorious against Rafael Nadal rather easily. It was pretty evident that Rafa didn’t really have the requisite gaming skills. However, a reluctant Nadal would go on to blame his loss on the bad network connection.

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Andy: ‘If you speak to Rafa, tell him not to be such a bad loser next time!’

Rafa: It makes sense because when we used to play on the PlayStation years ago in pairs, he used to play with Dani (Vallverdú) and it was always Dani’s fault.

The two stars were certainly giving their fans some quality entertainment. Of course, the bigger selling point was not their gaming skills, seeing as they are not professional gamers. Nor were the eSports fans going to be flocking to see this encounter.

The real audience was the tennis fans who want to get as much as possible of their favorite stars. It seems like they are certainly getting what they want. Although, the spectacle can become a lot better if they cease to air the commentary immediately, which is a big distraction from the real spectacle. 

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