WATCH: Apex Legends Player Makes Insane Play to Secure Victory

September 9, 2020 3:52 pm

Since its 2019 release, Apex Legends has consistently expanded its limits to enhance the gameplay experience. The game has gradually become an integral part of the ever so popular battle royale genre. The devs have nurtured their creation with seasonal content while keeping the player base longing for more. The Season 6 update for Apex Legends went live a few weeks ago and included tons of new content for fans.

This season saw the introduction of a new legend, Rampart, to diversify the combat roster. With extensive knowledge of heavy weapons and modded shields, her role fits in the game’s lore appropriately. Her outlandish personality, fused with her ‘Sheila’ mini-gun and weapon modifications, has certainly amped up the competition.

One could claim that the game hasn’t retained the massive popularity it had acquired. However, there are still millions around the globe that grind the game daily. With a diverse roster of legends and an assortment of devastating weapons, Apex Legends is sustaining a community that is loyal to the game.

Recently, a Reddit user posted a clip of an insane play they made during the endgame to secure the victory. Clips like these showcase the level of creativity battle royale players have acquired and the various possibilities that arise due to a certain situation on the battlefield.

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Apex Legends player goes rock climbing

u/SilverCrow1029 posted a clip that showed the trio stuck on the wrong side of a rocky mountain in World’s Edge. The new ring’s location was entirely on the opposite side of the rocks from where they were positioned. With luck not on their side and a rapidly shrinking circle, they had to make a move quickly or succumb to the zone damage.

Playing as Bloodhound, SilverCrow1029 used their tactical ability to detect the two last opponents. Then he did something that would be regarded as a 200 IQ move. He climbed onto the rocks by vaulting from a moderately steep edge of the structure and positioned himself on top of the mountain and inside the ring.

While one of his teammates followed his path and survived the other one, unfortunately, fell victim to zone damage. Little did their opponents know what was coming for them from above. SilverCrow1029 activated Bloodhound’s ultimate ability made the jump from the mountain, and his teammate followed him. They caught the enemies off-guard, riddled them with bullets, and secured a thrilling victory.

The clip highlighted that game sense and map knowledge are an essential part of the gameplay. Thanks to SilverCrow1029, other players will now know how to get around this critical situation.

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