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WATCH: Boxing Legends Go at Each Other on UFC 4

WATCH: Boxing Legends Go at Each Other on UFC 4

What do you get when two boxing legends step inside The Octagon? An action-packed bout, that’s what. BT Sport decided to simulate a match between two boxers at the peak of their powers. The virtual Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury went at it in UFC 4 and it was some spectacle.

UFC 4 is one of the biggest gaming titles this year and comes with a big-time improvement on multiple aspects employed in UFC 3. This time around, EA has focused on improving the player experience. They have changed how gameplay works, adding more mechanics to striking, grappling, submission, and more.

Furthermore, UFC 4 comes with a revamped career mode. From a rookie to a legend, your character’s story depends on what you bring to the table.

UFC 4 – who comes on top between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury

Now, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua are legends in their own right. And fans have been waiting for years to see them in the same ring. While the real bout should happen sometime next year, many could not wait until then to get a taste.

When round 1 began, The Gypsy King, Tyson Fury seemed to have an advantage. However, the two-time unified heavyweight boxing champion struggled to damage his opponent consistently.

Fury was throwing in a lot of jabs and it looked like he had the momentum but Joshua delivered a deadly hook that gave him the edge. He could not capitalize on it fully as the round came to a close.

Fury was in a more defensive mode in the second round. He made a lot of blocks and finally came up with a punch that forced Anthony Joshua to the ground.

The third round saw Fury pace up his attacks. He had a perfect placement of an uppercut that delivered high damage. Moments later, Fury knocked out Joshua for the win.

A gentle reminder that this was a simulation and not a real-life result. When the two do collide in the ring, fans will see a spectacle and nothing less. The video was a clear cut example of the aspects improved in UFC 4 and the chance to play with the two legends is rather compelling.

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