WATCH Brie Larson Talk About Her Love for Animal Crossing And Answer Fan-Questions

Published 07/16/2020, 5:29 PM EDT

It is no news that many celebrities are addicted to the popular life simulation game Animal Crossing: New Horizons. The game is a perfect stressbuster because of its simple, relaxing gameplay and the fact that it lets players be part of an adorable virtual community. Celebs have a pretty hectic and stressful life and this game makes for a perfect getaway.


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Among the ones who are addicted to this game and totally love it is Captain Marvel actor, Brie Larson. Yesterday, she uploaded a video of her playing the game while answering various questions by fans, on her YouTube channel. This also happens to be her first gaming video.


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She says that she has been playing Animal Crossing since it released 10 years ago.

“Me and my sister were in school at the time and we were just obsessed.

“The only way my mom could get us to slow down with this game was she had to make rules for us with it. Whoever finished the homework first, got to play first.”

Larson’s favorite Animal Crossing villager is Soleil

Just a quick mention because it was adorable: Brie Larson spent the first couple minutes on her island awestruck at the fact that the game looks so beautiful on the screen that she was playing on. It’s because she usually plays it on her Nintendo Switch.

To answer the question that what her favorite Animal Crossing villager is, she replied it’s Soleil. “My favorite is Soleil. I think Soleil is sooooo cute.”

Another fan, @marrapark, asked the question, “In your experience, do actors have the power to ensure diversity behind the camera?”

Larson starts by saying that it is complicated but goes on to say that she finds it to be a lot easier when she is a producer on a project.

“But I will say that I think overall there’s been a lot of progress made and I’m now at the point where I have active conversations where productions are coming to me saying ‘hey we want to make sure there’s more diversity’, rather than me bringing that to the table.”

Larson shows how sweet she is by saying that the game inspired her to build a garden and that if it won’t bore everyone to tears, she might do a short video of it (heck yes, we say!).

Along with this, she answers a lot of other interesting questions in the video.

Larson is using this quarantine to ‘take a break’

Even her gameplay reflects this and at the same time shows why this game is so popular.


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“I could sit here and pull weeds for hours. And I know maybe that seems like a really crazy gameplay, but it’s really, really relaxing.”

This is where the success of Animal Crossing lies in. It offers a simple relaxation, away from all kinds of stress. Larson adds that she has not even been working out during the quarantine because she is taking a break.

“With my job, I feel like sometimes I go so all in with it, and I’m learning that my body needs rest time and then it allows me to do more in the long run.”


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Catch her on next week’s Animal Talking!


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