Watch: Bugha Racking Up Easy Wins In Fortnite Season 3

June 21, 2020 11:42 pm

Fortnite battle royale has made several changes with Season 3. It has received a lot of criticism from competitive players but the content creators love it. The main issue here is that the game is trying to reach a balance between competitive and fun aspect. With regard to the new map, there are several new possibilities.

Recently, Bugha (world champion), showed us a few tips and tricks on how to pick up easy wins. With all the changes included in season 3, it might be a little tricky to grasp at first. 

However, there are still ways in which you can implement the previous methods. The game dynamics might have changed a lot, but one needs to find that balance. 

“I’m talking about the meta. Just remove the SMGs. SMGs are so boring.” This is a prevalent factor; Season 3 meta is a little different from previous seasons. 

Bugha shows us how it’s done in Fortnite Season 3

“People should have to use shotguns in close range; you shouldn’t have to whip out SMGs and just run at someone.”With the new shotgun being the center of all controversies, some say that it’s great, while others hate it. Speaking about controller and KBM players, Bugha did mention the fact that SMG compatibility applies to both.

There was an interesting moment where Bugha engaged three players near Frenzy Farm. For those of us who love to learn the game by seeing others play – this was one of the seminal moments. He dealt with all of them separately, showing us how not to lose our nerve in difficult situations. 

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“They should make it have like five bullets”

Bugha also commented on the charge gun. He said, “You know what they should do with this charge gun….they should make it have like five bullets.” Of course, we agree that if the pace of reloading is balanced out, then this gun has a lot of potential.  

In the end, Bugha wrapped up the game with 21 kills, his maximum this season. The tricks he showed us in the video will help us act quicker when facing similar situations. Nevertheless, with all these changes, what are your views about getting a win in Fortnite season 3?

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