WATCH: Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies Easter Egg Solved

November 18, 2020 12:29 am

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has been nothing short of a hit. The zombie mode for the latest Call of Duty title brings back the first-ever zombie map of the series, that being Nacht der Untoten. Needless to say, the map is replete with various Easter eggs and secrets, and players are loving every bit of it!

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Recently, popular YouTuber TheGamingRevolution showed us yet another secret in the Nacht der Untoten map. This one leads to a coded message that a player has already deciphered. Although the significance of the decoded message is still not clear, we have our assumptions.

To access this secret Easter egg, you will have to do what one might call a tedious maneuver. So, you get on the Nacht der Untoten zombies map and arm your weapon with the Dead Wire perk and the Pack-A-Punch perk.

Note that in order to complete what we are trying to do, it is better to have a marksman/sniper rifle or a weapon that can hit long-range targets with a scope attached.

Now, Outside Nacht der Untoten are some satellite pylons with an antenna on them. What you have to do is shoot these antennae. Here’s the thing, these antennae are pretty far up, which is why using a sniper rifle will be the most effective. Once you shoot the antenna, you will see that it rotates and changes its direction. Keep shooting it until it faces Nacht der Untoten.

Nacht der Untoten easter egg helps solve in-game G Cipher in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War

Once you have made all the antennae face towards NDU, you will see a huge electric bolt connecting all the pylons together in the middle. Following this, you will hear a voiceover from a character called Valentina who will start reading a number sequence. This has something to do with a G Cipher that players will find while playing the campaign of the game.

One of the players has solved the cipher using the number sequence, and this is what the message reads:

“Attention K:

P confirms viability of deployment. Opportunity identified in previous communique. Selected site is approved for Operatsiya Inversia. The nature of warfare is about to transform. Any mission, anytime, any place.


We are yet to figure out what this might mean. We assume that it might be about the Dark Aether event in the Nacht der Untoten facility, or might be a nod at a future DLC map. But we would love to hear what you think about this.

In addition to the cryptic message, completing this Easter egg also grants you 1500 Essence points which you can find at the top of the NDU facility.

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