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WATCH: Casper Ruud Impersonates Nick Kyrgios And Dominic Thiem

WATCH: Casper Ruud Impersonates Nick Kyrgios And Dominic Thiem

We all extremely bored due to the coronavirus pandemic locking us up in our homes. At such a time, Casper Ruud has decided to provide some entertainment for all of us by impersonating some of the most famous players on the ATP tour. Check it out.

Who did Casper Ruud Imitate?

In the first video, we saw Casper Ruud imitating Nick Kyrgios. This was evident in the classic wristy forehand that Nick Kyrgios plays and his backhand. Coincidently, the racquet Casper is using a racquet that is very similar to Nick Kyrgios’ Yonex Ezone DR 98.

In the second video, we see Casper Ruud playing with some extremely high intensity. He is grunting while he is playing his shots and is using a single-handed backhand. I think now we can all guess who he is imitating in the video – the Austrian star Dominic Thiem.

2019 runner-up Casper Ruud to return to Houston in 2020

These impressions by Casper Ruud are to entertain all the people who are bored due to the suspension of the ATP tour. This makes all of us ask the question – when is the ATP tour returning? Unfortunately, there is no clear answer to this question.

The ATP tour was originally supposed to be suspended for 6 weeks, then it was extended June and now to July. This extension has taken place due to the situation with the coronavirus not improving. If it does not improve in the near future it is likely we will not see any tennis this year.

We can only hope that it does not happen. Let’s hope that the coronavirus vaccine that has been developed works and we can see the ATP tour resume. Casper Ruud, who won his first ATP title this year will certainly be hoping for that so that he can continue his good run of form and win some big titles.


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