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Watch: Conor McGregor Goes Beast Mode On Marcus Brimage on His UFC Debut

Watch: Conor McGregor Goes Beast Mode On Marcus Brimage on His UFC Debut

Conor McGregor

From a young broke kid from the street of Dublin to becoming the biggest superstar MMA has ever seen, the story of Conor McGregor has been nothing but breath-taking. But how did it all started?

Well, Conor McGregor generated some interest among the MMA fans with his flashy knockouts in Cage Warriors. He also became a two-division champion at CWFC. However, he was exposed to the world on the grandest stage when he took on Marcus Brimage on his UFC debut in Fight Night Dublin.

Conor McGregor Brings the Irish Invasion To UFC

The Irish army came into the arena to support their beloved fighter and they were not disappointed at all. Conor McGregor made one of the most impressive UFC debuts by knocking out a very tough opponent effortlessly. The night gave birth to the Irish invasion in UFC as the fighting pride of Dublin, Conor McGregor was making his first appearance on the most elite organization in MMA.

Conor McGregor

The fight started with Conor McGregor trying to assert dominance by controlling the octagon. However, Brimage was not backing down either. While Conor was precisely landing his punches Brimage was destroying Conor’s rhythm with his leg kicks. Though Brimage landed some heavy shots Conor was barely flinched by them. In the end, Conor’s notorious left-hand does the trick for the very first time in the UFC octagon as he finished Brimage in 67 seconds.

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Can Donald Cerrone Do Enough Damage With His Leg Kicks

Conor McGregor makes his Octagon return against Donald Cerrone at UFC 246. This is an intriguing matchup even if Conor is highly favored to win the fight. And there is one crucial thing that can change the landscape of the fight. That is the leg kicks from Donald Cerrone.

If Cerrone lands his leg kicks effectively and frequently then that is going to disrupt the pace of Conor McGregor in the early rounds. Cerrone can not afford to start slow against someone like Conor who is one of the best fighters in the early rounds. Hence Cowboy’s leg kicks and wrestling can keep the left hand of Conor at bay.

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