Watch: Crazy Three Pointer From Lebron James Leaves Fans Watching the Game Totally Shell Shocked!

January 14, 2020 12:49 am

LeBron James shot up the roof with applause when he scored a 3 pointer against Washington Wizards back in 2017. The match went to playoff due to his one-shot alone.

Kyrie Irving got up and scored 11 out of 23 points during the overtime. This included a tie-breaking 3 pointer. His efforts bore the fruits as Cleveland won the game 140-135.

The atmosphere of the game was none other than a playoff feel. The crowd was on its feet. The players could feel the air getting thick around them. The voices began growing louder. This kind of stuff would get on anyone’s nerves but not LeBron James.

LeBron James with a 3 pointer

James somehow missed a layup which was considerably late in the last quarter. Then, with just 0.3 seconds left in the game, and trailing with a three-point difference, LeBron steps up.

James receives the ball in the opposition’s end of the court by Kevin Love. LeBron takes a step back, turns and banks a 3 pointer down. He ties the scores with just 0.3 seconds left in the match. The game gets sent to overtime and the crowd just can’t believe it.

The audience reaction shown in the cam is absolutely amazing. Girl’s with their mouth open and guys grabbing their hair. Everyone just witnessed the brilliance of LeBron James once again. The superstar keeps the audience stuck and leaves them speechless with shock.

The game was a back and forth contest as both teams played equally well. Wizards did well to get the lead by the end of the fourth quarter. Had it not been James, Wizards had a sure win in their hands.

Overtime saw Kyrie Irving stepping up for Cleveland’s side and that was another nail in the coffin for the Wizards. Cleveland continued to match their intensity and came out victorious, but only just. The game ended with Wizard’s streak of 17 matches coming to an end. LeBron James and his wonders saw Cleveland go through as the crowd stood rooted at their spot.

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