WATCH: Daniel Ricciardo Busts Out a Few Moves with a Dancer

February 25, 2020 2:38 pm

Daniel Ricciardo is one F1 driver who loves to have a good time and is a born entertainer. Whether it is banter on track or off it, spontaneously bursting into song, or even busting out a few moves, Ricciardo has done it all. One particular moment stands out, where Ricciardo was seen dancing next to a belly dancer.

The belly dancer’s presence suggests that the Australian driver was in Abu Dhabi ahead of the 2016 season finale. Judging from the video, he was really getting into the action. The woman also looked like she was having fun, especially when she began to teach him some moves.

The Red Bull racer took to the stage at the end of the team’s Sunset Sands event in Abu Dhabi, and had a whale of a time. Maybe in another life, he could make a killing as a back-up dancer for Colombian singer, Shakira

What other antics has Daniel Ricciardo come up with?

Being the resident F1 entertainer, Daniel Ricciardo has done a variety of things. He has an extensive vocabulary of obscene and inappropriate language and isn’t afraid to unleash it.

Last year, he even reduced Lando Norris to tears and giggles at the British Grand Prix with just one sentence. On the subject of facial hair, he mouthed to Norris, “Do you have p**es yet.”, and that was enough to set Norris off.

On another occasion, Carlos Sainz was in an interview when Ricciardo sneaked under him. He then stealthily hit the Spaniard in the groin, before running off. Unfortunately for him, Sainz caught up and delivered a swift kick to the buttocks.

In the same year, he successfully distracted Charles Leclerc from his interview, with some spontaneous vocalising during his own interview. Finally, he farted in a press conference and managed to get Valtteri Bottas to lose his focus.

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