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WATCH: Daniil Medvedev Shows How To Train During Social Distancing

WATCH: Daniil Medvedev Shows How To Train During Social Distancing

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many tennis players have been robbed of their training facilities. Does that mean they stop training? Absolutely not. Here we see Russian star Daniil Medvedev making use of whatever he has to train hard.

How is Daniil Medvedev Training?

In the video, we can see Daniil Medvedev using his garage as a training space. He has kept his training equipment like his dumbbells there. As you can see, his trainer is also with him to make sure he is getting the perfect workout during this time.

This is the perfect way for anyone who has a garage to train. It provides a good amount of space to keep your equipment and get a good workout. Daniil Medvedev clearly wants to get a good workout so that he can be ready when the ATP tour returns.

Daniil Medvedev - "I Need to Win 21 Grand Slams to Beat Roger ...

Speaking of the ATP tour, I am sure all of us are eager to know when the ATP tour will return. Unfortunately, we have no answer. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the ATP tour suspension has been extended twice. If the current situation continues, we might not see any tennis this year.

Many countries have declared lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus but it does not seem to be working. Our only hope now are the vaccines that have been developed by many countries. Two of them are currently going through human trials. Let’s hope that they work and we can see the return of the ATP tour.

Daniil Medvedev will certainly be hoping for that. He will want to capitalize on a successful 2019 that saw him win 2 Masters 1000 titles and reach the final of the US Open. Let’s hope he can continue to play good tennis and win some titles when the ATP tour returns.


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