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WATCH: Daria Kasatkina Makes Roger Federer Look Normal

WATCH: Daria Kasatkina Makes Roger Federer Look Normal

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people are stuck in their houses. Russian star Daria Kasatkina who is also stuck at home has decided to do some wall-practice. She is seen practicing a shot that was popularised by Swiss Star Roger Federer.

In this Instagram post by the WTA, we see Daria Kasatkina practicing the tweener. This shot is played between the legs and we see Daria using a wall to perfect this shot. This may be a shot that she is developing as a trick to use on the WTA tour.

She is playing this shot extremely well and consistently. If she plays it regularly she may be able to play it as well as the man who popularised the shot – Roger Federer. This leads us to rewind 11 years ago and go to New York in the month of September.

2009: The Amazing Tweener By Roger Federer

When we think of tweeners, our minds immediately take us back to 2009. This was the year where we saw Roger Federer play one of the most amazing shots of all time. He played it at the 2009 US Open semifinal against Novak Djokovic and left everyone at the stadium in awe of the shot.


Roger was in a position to lose the point but he used the tweener to steal the point from Novak Djokovic. He hit not just a tweener but a tweener passing shot. That is a shot that that is even tougher to play and why Roger is often associated with the shot.

He has often described it as one of the greatest shots he has ever played and rightly so because this shot was absolutely amazing. Once the tennis season resumes, we can hopefully see Roger Federer playing some more shots like this to entertain his fans.

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