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WATCH: Davante Adams Reacts Hilariously for Triple Coverage by Bears Defenders

WATCH: Davante Adams Reacts Hilariously for Triple Coverage by Bears Defenders

Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers runs the route against the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium

Wide receivers may be used to seeing different strategies used by the opposing teams. In the first week of the NFL 2019, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Davante Adams was marked by three defenders in a match against Chicago Bears.

For a player like Adams who somehow finds ways to get on top of different defences, the strategy of marking him three defenders might seem logical. But it was a reaction of the wide receiver on realizing that he was being marked by three men, that seemed quite funny.

He gave an amusing look to the defenders and pointed the fingers each of them as if he was counting them.

Watch the video of Davante Adams hilarious reaction for triple coverage by Bears defenders:

The 2019 NFL season will be the sixth season for the wide receiver from California. Adams was picked by the packers in the second round of the 2014 by Green Bay Packer and has since played for them.

This extravagant marking on Thursday though, never seemed to serve its ultimate purpose throughout the match. The Packers dominated the game and comfortably thumped the Bears 3-10. While Packers quarterback Aaron Rogers starred in the team’s comprehensive victory, his counterpart Mitchell Trubisky couldn’t really get going. The crushing 3-10 defeat was nowhere near a good start to the season.

“Three points is ridiculous, obviously unacceptable,” Bears coach Matt Nagy said after the game.

“Starts with me, so this — I just told the guys in there, this is not who we are. I was proud of our defense. I thought they played their ass off tonight. Offensively, not good enough. And we’re going to fix it. Our guys know that.”

The bears will have to find their feet quickly and for that, they’ll have to sort out their quarterback’s issue, who failed to get most things right.

Highlights of Packers vs Bears:

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