Watch Dogs: Legion Free Multiplayer Mode Finally Gets a Release Date

February 23, 2021 11:16 pm

Watch Dogs is perhaps one of the most iconic open-world franchises from the house of Ubisoft. Our friends from Dead Sec returned for the latest installment of the series, Watch Dogs: Legions, only last year. The title fetched a reasonably high hype for itself prior to its release. But it failed to leave a mark as such.

Recently however, Ubisoft has confirmed that the title will be getting a multiplayer component as well. Soon, players will be able to join other players in PvP deathmatches, engage in co-op missions, and much more. And to top it off, the game is free!

From Assassin’s Creed to Far Cry, the company has kept pushing the boundaries of the open-world genre over the years. With the latest multiplayer aspect, the company largely increased the appeal of Watch Dogs. However, note that the game progression while on the online mode is independent of single-player progression.

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Watch Dogs: Legions online mode will offer co-op challenges as well as PvP deathmatches

The co-op missions will perhaps be the most appealing aspect of the free online mode of Legions. Completing tasks with other players will grant level-ups to your Dead Sec faction. Moreover, with a party of three or more players, you can take up Tactical Ops missions as well.

The Tactical Ops missions will entail five stages of co-ordinated teamwork in order to reach the goal. Ubisoft has added a new in-game voice chat function which will be extremely helpful while participating in the Tactical Ops missions.

In addition to the co-op aspect of the game, it will also feature a PvP fighting arena. The intense, fast-paced action of PvP combat will take place in the Spiderbot Arena. Players will control one of the game’s armed Spiderbot devices in the death-match.

Furthermore, there are mystery power-up boxes in the arena that players can use to give themselves an edge in the battle. However, they need to be careful while availing these boxes.

The free online aspect of Watch Dogs: Legions will be available from March 9 this year. Gear up for more online vandalism, this time with friends!

Samyarup Chowdhury

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