WATCH: Egyptian Goalkeeper Pulls off an Incredible Double Save with Flying Headers

September 23, 2019 3:11 pm

When legendary English footballer Gary Linekar talks about a save in an Egyptian Premier League, you know the goalkeeper managed to pull off something special. ENPPI SC goalkeeper Mahmoud Gad, in a match against the Pyramids, found himself in a position that you generally do not associate goalkeepers with.

He came charging off his line, more than 10 metres down the pitch to a lobbed pass, which he met with a supereman-esque diving header. But the header, unfortunately went to a Pyramids player, who attempted a lob towards the goal. Gad was retreating at pace and at a moment which looked like he would not be stopping the ball from going inside the goal, he pulled of another diving header to guide the ball over the post.

Watch the video of  the double save by Mahmoud Gad-

The social media has been buzzing since Gad pulled off the miraculous effort. Most notably, as mentioned earlier, FIFA World Cup’s top scorer Gary Lineker was left impressed by the 22-year old goalkeeper’s effort, who posted on twitter: “Extraordinary save.”

The save might have been amazing, but the overall result wasn’t for Gad and his team. Though he miraculously managed to keep out the shot, there were four goals scored past him eventually, and the scoreline remained 4-0.

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