WATCH: F1 Engine Plays British National Anthem


The early 2000s was a fantastic era for F1 especially in the sound department. From 2000 till 2005, there were the screaming V10s. From the 2006 Formula One onwards, it was the V8s, less powerful but just as loud.

In 2006, during a demonstration, a Renault F1 RS26 2.4 L V8 engine was fired up for the fans. As an extra treat, the British National anthem, God Save The Queen, revved out for the crowds.

In the video, the engine was fired up and revved for a full minute. Then, after the 1:00 mark, the fun began with God Save The Queen blaring out.

The scene of the impromptu concert was the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Though, to be honest, it probably would have been more fitting if the anthem was played by McLaren.