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WATCH: F2 Drivers Mazepin and Matsushita Involved in Heavy Crash, Rushed to a Hospital

WATCH: F2 Drivers Mazepin and Matsushita Involved in Heavy Crash, Rushed to a Hospital


Ahead of the Russian Grand Prix 2019, Formula One feeder series, F2, normally takes place before Formula One. Since these drivers are young, inexperienced and eager, nine times out of 10, the race will be chaotic.

Apparently, Nikita Mazepin and Nobuharu Matsushita found that out the hard way. The two drivers escaped the initial mayhem, along with Jack Aitken. However, Aitken was forced off the circuit, and while rejoining, clipped Mazepin’s car.

With the Russian driver now left a passenger, he could only look on helpless as his car careened into an unsuspecting Matsushita. As a result, the Japanese F2 driver and McLaren junior, was sent crunching into the wall. The cherry on top was when Mazepin’s car collided with Matsushita’s busted machine.

Both drivers were not seriously hurt, but were still set to hospital for precautionary checkups. It was also worth noting that the incident will be investigated by the FIA after the race.

This is not the first time the F2 drivers have been reckless and been involved in violent crashes. At the Italian Grand Prix, Alex Peroni ran wide at the Parabolica corner and was sent flying, literally.

A week before that, there was the accident in Belgium which led to the tragic demise of Anthoine Hubert and left Juan Manuel Correa in hospital.

It seems that these young F2 drivers are often overeager to prove themselves and put on blinkers. One would have hoped that the shock of losing one of their own, would have sobered everyone up.

In an F2 statement, it was revealed, “Both Nobuharu Matsushita and Nikita Mazepin are being transferred to hospital. Neither driver suffered fractures as a result of the Lap 1 incident”

While many were thankful that Matsushita and Mazepin escaped injury, some were angry at the latter for causing the crash in the first place.

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