WATCH: Fans Get Exclusive Sneak Peek Into Cyberpunk 2077 in New Video

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CD Projekt Red has had us all swooning over a cyberpunk dystopia playground for years now. As the years went by, a running gag was set in motion saying the release year of Cyberpunk 2077 was in the title- 2077. Fortunately, that is not really the case and we are getting the game 57 years before the year in the game. Here we take a look at a clip of the gameplay put together by a Reddit user.

The game was slated for a release on Aril 16, however, developers then announced a delay. As things stand, the game will launch in September, and most signs point towards that actually happening.

Over the years we’ve had a teaser, a couple of trailers, and even a 45-minute gameplay video of Cyberpunk 2077. With each passing reveal, our craving only grew ever stronger.

Given the COVID-19 pandemic that has affected most aspects of our lives, fans feared another delay was in the offing. Thankfully, the developers recently held an investors’ Q & A where they confirmed the game was on track for the September release. The Q & A session also featured an exclusive video fro the people present.

Moreover, the developers submitted the title for a rating in March, which is always a sign that a game is not far away from releasing. We can rest easy knowing it will indeed release in September.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Sure to Be Impressive

One Reddit user, Ninjakilla_X, has given fans a bit of joy by putting together a small clip of the game from the Q & A session. While the sequence in the video itself is pretty tame and devoid of any action, it peaks your excitement nonetheless.

The player simply walks through what looks like an underground seedy marketplace. The immersive environment and the detailed surroundings in the mart just hit you sharply. The place truly feels alive, more so than I’ve seen in any other game.

Check out the clip below for yourself.

Pieced together the extra game footage from the Q&A video from r/cyberpunkgame

Fans were disappointed when the developers first announced that the game will be in the first-person perspective. However, the opinion has changed since then and it sure looks like a good decision now.

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