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WATCH: Fernando Alonso Lends his Voice to an Animated Hollywood Movie

WATCH: Fernando Alonso Lends his Voice to an Animated Hollywood Movie

Fernando Alonso

Back in 2011, Pixar released Cars 2, and much like the last movie, it featured plenty of cameos. The first movie had a cameo appearance by Michael Schumacher during the final few minutes. This time, there was more F1 representation, with Lewis Hamilton getting a minor role. Interestingly, a few of the foreign dubs featured F1 drivers lending their voices. They included Sebastian Vettel (German), Fernando Alonso (Spanish) and Vitaly Petrov (Russian).

The Disney Spain Youtube channel released a video back in 2011 of Alonso practising his lines and trying to get it right. In english, the line went, “Hey Lightning, can you believe this party!”, while another line went, “Check out that tow truck!”

Fernando Alonso dubbed exclusively for Spanish viewers

It is worth noting that Alonso retained his own name for the movie. However, Sebastian Vettel’s character was named Sebastian Schnell, while Petrov also retained his own name. In addition to that, Hamilton also had to dub in Spanish, Italian and German as well. The Briton even confessed that he thought that German would be the hardest language.

Even the third movie, released in 2017, had minor cameos from Vettel, Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. This time though, their characters were unseen and only limited to voices in a headset. Suffice to say, everyone had a fun time dubbing for the movies.

This is likely the first time Fernando Alonso or Sebastian Vettel ventured into the world of animation and movie dubbing. However, Hamilton is familiar with the studio booth, as he appears in the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare game. He played the role of Retribution Electro-technical Officer Carl Hamilton.

The game captured his likeness and he even had a few spoken lines in the game, where he interacted with the player. Also joining him in the recording booth is UFC fighter Conor McGregor, who played an antagonistic role.

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