Watch: First Look At Unreal Engine 5 By Epic Games In A PS5 Demo Trailer

May 14, 2020 12:02 am

Epic Games, owner of Fortnite, Houseparty app, and Unreal Engine have dropped another surprise. Recently they revealed that Unreal Engine 5 would feature in PS5. In fact, they went one step ahead and showed us a demo trailer of what things would look like. Several improved aspects need a detailed discussion. 

First, the dynamics are entirely different; nothing looks the same. From the sound to sight, from water to air and light, everything looks new, almost cinematic. This is, however, dependent on two significant factors that Epic introduced. The demo is spectacular and doesn’t resemble any game we have ever seen. 

The video started with Brian Karis and Jerome Platteaux explaining the main aspects they changed. The first system, termed Lumen, is described as “Dynamic global illumination.” The other element which they worked on had to do with virtualized geometry. Termed Nanite, the technology works by “Directly using film-quality assets and using them straight into the engine.”

Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 demo reveal

The demo video made certain aspects quite clear. It focused both on high and low objects and contours, showing how realistic the new technology looks. Furthermore, the light emitted from these surfaces is look natural, which shows the difference. 

The rainbow ring around the tiny ball of light shown in the first scene also shows the scope of Lumen. The developers explained how they made the entire sequence. They used the cinematic versions instead of the game versions. Virtual texturing offers 8k texture usage, which makes it so much more realistic. 

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Next-generation gaming much ahead of its initial promise

While the promise was to deliver a next-gen gaming scope, this takes it a step further. It is almost like living in a movie. The Nanite tech can hold about 20 million drawn triangles, which makes every contour seem realistic.

Lumen, offering multi-bounce global illumination, makes the lighting dynamic. The refracted light alters with direction thanks to Lumen, and it looks as good as real. Audio has been boosted by ‘Convolution Reverb.’ This recalibrates every inch of the space the sound reflects from, making it that much more realistic. Spatialized audio makes the experience that much more immersive and intriguing.

All in all, Unreal Engine 5 looks to be way ahead of its time. It seems as if two experiences have combined into one. We cannot wait to try it out when it comes out in PlayStation 5.

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