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Watch: Fortnite 5 Corner Challenge With CouRage SypherPK Ninja And TimTheTatMan

Watch: Fortnite 5 Corner Challenge With CouRage SypherPK Ninja And TimTheTatMan

Fortnite battle royale reunited several old squads after their latest v12.50 update. The update came with a series of changes that revived the fun element of the game. As a result, several old players who gave up on the game, like SypherPK, Ninja, CouRage, and TimTheTatMan, returned. 

Four of the greatest content creators the game has ever seen came together to deliver something special for us. Ninja took a sarcastic dig at stream-snipers for trying to ruin their effort. 

It has been some time since both Tim and CouRage played the game last. However, that didn’t stop them from showing off their mastery. From a fan’s perspective, it was quite heartwarming to see the squad come together after a long time. 

Fortnite uniting old pros back again

Yo, we can #fucksypher trending again,” said CouRage. The banter just kept getting better. It was really a pure moment to see four friends reunite, as fans love moments like these.

All four of them decided to land in different areas for initial loot. Mythic Weapons Only was the challenge; hence teamwork had to be absolutely spot on. The five-corner all mythic challenge went quite well.

The group got together and took down the remaining people before starting their game. Throughout the duration of the match, TimTheTatMan kept searching for ‘Tina’, which was indeed hilarious.

The action then shifted to The Agency, where they chased another helicopter with their own. Sypher was in the gunslinger position as they dropped down. However, two squads were waiting to ambush our favorite pros. 

There was a moment in the game when Ninja got knocked out, and he hilariously added, “I’m sitting here wondering (when) Sypher is going to help me out.” 

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Several members of the community kept talking about how Fortnite is a dying game. The fun element was missing. Raging issues still plague the game, such as the controller vs. keyboard debate, and the SBMM issue.

However, Epic upgraded their policy to change everything through open communication with the pros/content creators. 

Despite everything, it’s great to see the old band coming together for us fans. 

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