WATCH: Fortnite Feels Truly Next-Gen on the PlayStation 5

November 15, 2020 11:43 pm

Following years of anticipation, Sony’s PlayStation 5 is finally here. The Japanese tech-giant had promised to revolutionize gaming with its next-gen console, and it seems they are on the right path. Along with the next-gen titles, the console runs classics like Fortnite better than ever.

A recent video by PlayStationGrenade compares Fortnite’s gameplay on the PS5 with that of the previous-gen, PS4. The results are rather astonishing.

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Fortnite on PlayStation 5 has details like never before

The clouds around the battle bus are the first of many changes in Fortnite. The next-gen console not only enhances the game’s visual design but adds to its realism by disappearing as the battle bus approaches.

The map’s key components like the storm, trees, rocks, and campfires, among other things, now possess noticeable details. The storm also has an additional purple shade, making it more visible from longer distances.

The DualSense controller that comes with haptic feedback adds to the immersive experience while playing the battle royale. For instance, players will have to press the triggers much harder when they snipe.

The PlayStation 5 makes several subtle changes to Fortnite; however, when combined together, they create a sensational impact.

Will the players miss out on ray-tracing?

One of the biggest features in Sony’s PlayStation 5 is its ray-tracing ability through which a game’s lighting works identical to real life. However, YouTuber PlayStationGrenade has discovered that Fortnite does not support ray-tracing on the PS5.

The reflections of the characters, when seen in front of windows, are the same as on the PS4. However, this is not a feature that the players will miss out on permanently. It will soon be available on Epic Games’ battle royale game, and fans will certainly be looking forward to it.

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One must note that these enhancements are not exclusive to Sony’s PS5 and its digital edition. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X also runs the game identically, if not better. Luckily, a lot of Fortnite players will be able to enjoy the upcoming Galactus event on these next-gen consoles.

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