WATCH: Fortnite Stream-Snipers Harass Bugha for Controller Views

May 27, 2020 8:20 pm

The Fortnite controller debate is never going to die down. Epic Games don’t look keen on nerfing down controller aim assist. In fact, in the latest patch update, devs seemed to have buffed the aim-assist. Many keyboard and mouse (KBM) players have been crying out for a nerf. You can understand why, given the rising domination of controller users in competitive Fortnite.

Controller aim-assist in Fortnite troubling Bugha to no end

One of the most vocal protestors among those is 2019 Solos World Cup winner, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf.

He does make a good point. The aim-assist on controllers does seem to have caused an imbalance when it comes to competitive Fortnite.

But he has often failed to maintain composure when voicing his opinion, which has perhaps brought on more hate on him than he deserves.

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Bugha hasn’t fared all too well in competitive Fortnite in recent times. Perhaps the primary reason behind that is the controller issue, however, his contemptuous manner of voicing his discontent has brought a world of trouble down on him.

During one of his recent broadcasts, he could not help but rant on about controller users and how they won’t get the recognition for their achievements in competitive Fortnite. Why? Because it was more because of the aim-assist rather than their skills. He argued even those players should wish for a nerf just so they get more credit for their exploits. While his arguments are valid to a degree, the manner in which he conveyed them obviously did not go down very well among some.

Stream snipers harass Bugha

Stream-snipers and griefers came down hard on Bugha, ruining his every game thereafter.

It was clear this irritated him, as it would anyone. But again, he did not do himself any favors by making comments.

“People are so dumb. If you’re stream-sniping, why don’t you stream-snipe people that like don’t have connections to anyone.” 

The griefing and stream-sniping continued after that as well. Even in custom duos mode.

Check out the video compiled by YouTube channel Fortnite Moments, where Bugha simply could not enjoy a game because of the horde of players griefing and stream-sniping him.

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